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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani working meeting motorcade professional workers.


On February 6, 2553 Labor Pattani (Mr. R. raise Amt black) with Chief of the Department of Labor official in Pattani Province. BA staff and volunteers in Pattani Province. Festival co-hosted a meeting at the Labor motorcade professional educational institutions, cultural evolution Ni belle. Prince of Songkla University. Pattani Campus. The General Department of Employment. (Mr. G. Sucnt associated honorable national) President at the opening.

This Pattani Province Deputy Governor (Mr. broad gold class) with the reception. The show has exhibitors from agencies, public and private. Application directly with employers. Career guidance activities. Training and demonstration of professional independence, etc. to students and the public interest and work a lot.

News: Office workers in Pattani Province.