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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani training program sufficient to alleviate economic suffering career.


Office workers in Pattani Province. The training program, training sufficiency economy to alleviate suffering career. Targeted training covering all 12 districts in Pattani Province, which has been training in version 1 of the 11 activities includes 11 classes of area districts Iahrieg 3 class 1 class of Amphoe Khok Pho district Hnaghik 3 class district of the city of Pattani 3 classrooms. District Number 1 Panaera classroom training expanse of time from 21 – 28 December 2552 have taken the training of 435 people use the format and procedures under the regulations sprout career. The Bachelor of volunteers representing local coordination and facilitation areas.

News: Office workers in Pattani Province.