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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani orchestrated the plan, the community-driven village Hcht 5.


On February 9, 2553, vice secretary of the Prime Minister. Political parties (Mr. Fair Kayhn gold color) and travel to the inspection visit of the village development plan target driven Area 5 Special Province of southern targets 227 villages to track the progress of the project to the same standard. And led to the goal of the plan. Focused on enhancing household incomes. With Vice Mayor Pattani (Mr. Kirti beautiful lantern) head of government / Ministry of Labor officials in Pattani Province. And join together to welcome and create community forum. Such as those with only 1 village some days at one time home district central district Panaera Pattani. People join a large community.

News: Office workers in Pattani Province.