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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani morning activities continue to meet the Government Relations.


On December 2, 2552 The Department of Labor official in Pattani Province. Host a morning event to meet the government building relationships, “Tani” No. 2, both parties have joined the military police, civil servant teachers, private sector organizations. And public sector organizations and 180 people the morning meeting activities. Opportunity for the Government. International Department / Ministry to share comments. Any public consultation. Implementation of the Government. And build a good relationship between the government and various agencies at Hotel Sea. S.. Pattani Province.

Subject and approach is important work: 1) Deputy Governor of Pattani (Mr. broad gold class), thanked the Head of Government to provide all cooperation activities to meet the morning and head of government of all the topics you write. activity in the morning to meet with each. To be subject to consultation in the operation of the government 2) Labor Pattani (Mr. R. raise Amt black) head of government introduced Ministry of Labor, which moved to New 2 You, director of the Center for Skill Development Pattani (. “observes as for some saying whew) Labor Protection and Welfare Pattani (T President David Shas นฤ post race disaster) of this event. Is successfully received with delight by many attendees. A result of the head of the government officials in the Ministry of Labor and Pattani 5 units and one labor force team operations. Since the coordination of preparation. Arranged location. Welcome facilitate the work hard and be happy.

News from: Shh. Pattani.