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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani meeting lead-time volunteer workers at 1 / 2553.


On November 25, 2552 office workers in Pattani Province. The Province of Labor (Mr. R. raise Amt black) is president of the conference lead volunteer time Pattani 1 / 2553 and 12 district offices at the Labor conference in Pattani Province. To strengthen the network of partners operating in the area. The focus of the following.

  1. Condolence to lead volunteer resident district Maia. And father of the lead volunteer. Annual District Hnaghik. Who died from events unrest in the region.
  2. To be careful in the operations area. Surveillance and monitoring the situation in the region.


  3. Surveillance of the flood situation in the area of high-risk districts.
  4. Exercise to understand the plan of operation of the volunteer workers for fiscal year 2553.

    News: Office workers in Pattani Province.