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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani joint ceremony provision Royal bag. Welcome and co-vice chancellor.


Due to flooding in the provinces of Pattani Area 8 District 26 Sub-village 88 people have suffered 3,570 households of 20,727 people on 9 November 2552 at 09.30 am Mr. Good Wanch Road Pudong District, president, Foundation Executive Director Raj. Public support portion. In patronage and the Board has been providing travel bags to people living graciously victims at Hall District Hnaghik workers Pattani (Mr. R. raise Amt black) as the Foundation’s advisory board public support Raj Pattani provincial luck. Participate in this ceremony.

Later 11:30 am Mr. Suthep belt Subrrn Deputy Prime Minister and faculty travel to visit people who have been after the summer flood victims in Pattani provinces. And deliver bags to the public provision. The Pattani provincial governor (Mr. John Theerasak Sri Maha Federation), Labor Pattani (Mr. R. raise Amt black) with the head of government. People have been received of 527 people.

News: Office workers in Pattani Province.