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Provincial Labour Office Pattani

Srh. Pattani conference workshop graduates to volunteer time at the 3 / 2553.


On Monday 25 January 2553 the Department of Labor official in Pattani Province. Monthly Meeting Workshop No. 3 / 2553 the governor of the province (Sri Maha Theerasak said John Federation) assigned to the Provincial Social Security (Mr. Chargers dead mice Diamond Valley) is president of practice and provide a. morale in the volunteer work for the graduates. The issue is important. Working to understand the access principles developed consciousness hometown love. Working people benefit the most. Love is harmony / on-time and responsibility. This conference focused on the mission dimension of recruitment. The provincial employment (number Thep said Aintr currency) led the guest of employment. Describe the knowledge and information recruitment. Public information and job availability in the area. Along with the graduate director. Provincial level to meet operational and training in the seminar. This also.

News: Srh. Pattani.